Goody Gelous Grip Ionic Frizz-Free Volumizing and Lifting Brush

Oh My Goody Gelous Grip Brush!

On the first week of January, I received Goody Gelous Grip brushes from Eyah of as a late Christmas gift. This gift is so timely because my hair is growing longer again. After I had my last haircut 16 months ago I promised myself to bring back my long hairstyle. In addition, I am also avoiding salon’s strong hair treatment because I want my hair to grow naturally. It’s because the last time I had my hair rebond made my hair damaged.

Goody Gelous Grip Ionic Frizz-Free Volumizing and Lifting Brush

Goody Gelous Grip

And did you know that hair comb is one of my daily must-haves aside from makeup? I love to comb my hair every moment to make sure it is always looks good to see. However, my hair gets frizzy when it dries after taking a bath. Hence, let’s see if this Goody brush will help me on my hair problem.

Goody Gelous Grip Ionic

Goody Gelous Grip Ionic Brush

gelous  grip

Goody Frizz-Free Volumizing and Lifting Brush

Goody Frizz-Free Volumizing and Lifting

ion-infused bristles

According to its product description, Goody Gelous Grip Ionic Frizz-Free brushes features a comfort-gel handle and ion-infused bristles to reduce annoying static and helps hair to look shiny, glossy and frizz free. Other purpose of this brush is listed below.

Goody Gelous Grip

  • Comfort-gel grip for easy styling
  • Ionic for shiny, glossy frizz-free hair
  • Lift hair while styling to add volume

Goody Gelous Grip Frizz-Free Volumizing and Lifting Brush

My Thoughts

  • Stress releaser – holding the gel grip tightly helps me to release stress the same with the ion-infused bristles that give a relaxing feeling like there is someone massaging my head while brushing it on my hair.
  • Easier brushing experience – I was always struggling brushing my thick hair after taking a bath but not after when I used Goody brush. I just need few strokes on my hair and it’s done! I’m good to go especially when I’m on a hurry.
  • Reduces frizz – I can’t say it made my hair frizz-free though it really reduce frizz especially when it gets dry after taking a bath.


I’m so thankful and happy to use this brush everyday. I left the big brush and use it while in our house and bring the small one inside my bag. It made my hair looks shiny and glossy in just a few of brush strokes. And the most important, I noticed that it control my hair frizz problem.

I would recommend this Goody Gelous Grip brush to those with long hair and frizz problem like me.

Special thanks to Eyah for giving me this brush as a gift!

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