My Gold's Gym Experience

My Gold’s Gym Experience

My Gold's Gym Experience

Through a gift certificate I received from a sponsor, I had a chance to step inside Gold’s Gym and try their facility and equipment for 2 days. After a personnel acknowledged my gift certificate, I went inside their comfort room to change my clothes and left my things inside the locker.

Gold's Gym Glorietta Makati

Gold's Gym Locker

I don’t have my own lock and key that time so I had no choice but to left my things unsecured and bring my phone and camera. As a first timer, I was expecting that someone will assist me because I really had no idea where to begin. However, everyone seems so busy and serious on what they were doing so I just tour myself and observed every area to have idea on how to use the equipment.

Gold's Gym Treadmill

Gold's Gym Exercise Bike

Gold's Gym Boxing Ring

Though my body produced a lot of sweat after some cardio exercise, I felt disappointed on the kind of service they have and on the following:

  • Staffs were not so approachable.
  • You have to bring your own lock and key.
  • There were some areas that look so dark.
  • Some of the equipment were not functioning anymore.

Overall, I am not satisfied on my Gold’s Gym experience. Hopefully they will improve and provide better service quality to encourage more individual to invest their energy, time and money on achieving their fitness goals.

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