Glorietta Haul for Only 100 Pesos Each

Glorietta Haul for Only 100 Pesos Each

Did you experience that you need to accomplish something important but you end up doing another thing? Last Sunday, I went to Glorietta Makati to replace my mom’s blocked sim card. However, there was no Smart kiosk available inside Glorietta even on other nearest malls. So instead of going back home without any accomplishment that day, my little cute mind gave me an idea to buy clothes I can wear for our upcoming trip to Zambales this Friday (to be exactly tomorrow). Yey!

Glorietta Haul for Only 100 Pesos Each

On this haul you will see 3 blouses and 3 shorts that only cost 100 pesos each from “Revolution 9” and “Mondi” kiosks located at Glorietta 2 Makati City.

Glorietta Haul: REVOLUTION 9

Glorietta Makati Revolution

Let’s start with the shorts I got from “Revolution 9”. They also sell cute dresses that cost above 300. But I resisted on buying those dress because I am certified “kuripot” girl who only buy clothes not greater than 250. So I put down those dresses and walk away going through the short area that has 100 peso sign posted on its hanging rack.

The shorts doesn’t look like as cheap as 100 peso cause the quality looks so good, so I asked the sales lady about the real price. And when I heard the magic number “100”, I rushed inside the fitting room and try the shorts I got.

Here are the 3 shorts I bought and again, they only cost 100 pesos or 2 dollars each from Revolution 9.

Glorietta Haul Revolution Short Snake Skin Brown

Snake Skin Short Brown | Php 100

Glorietta Haul Revolution Short Polka Dots Black

Dotted Short Black | Php 100

Glorietta Haul Revolution Short Stripes Gray

Stripes Short Gray | Php 100

Glorietta Haul: MONDI

Glorietta Makati Mondi

The next kiosk where I bought my blouses was in “Mondi”. These sleeveless blouses have lace design and are see-through at the back. I am going to wear this on top of my swimsuit to cover up my cute belly that is bulging on front of my body. Another thing is that this blouse is so light weight so it won’t be a burden on my travel bag or during swimming.

Take a look on the blouses I bought for only 100 pesos ($ 2) each from Mondi.

Glorietta Haul Mondi Lace Sleeveless Black

Lace Sleeveless Blouse Black | Php 100

Glorietta Haul Mondi Lace Sleeveless Red

Lace Sleeveless Blouse Red | Php 100

Glorietta Haul Mondi Lace Sleeveless Blouse Blue

Lace Sleeveless Blouse Blue | Php 100

All in all, I spent 600 pesos for these 3 pairs of short and blouse. Operation kuripot accomplished!

Are you also a fan of buying cheap clothes like me? If yes, let me know where you are getting them by leaving a comment below and I might try to go there too. See you on my next haul. Bye! 🙂

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