GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment Tester

GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment Review

On the last BDJ Box Beauty Social I had the chance to experience and test out GLAMGLOW. There was no bella falling in line that moment at their so I grabbed the opportunity. So here is my review about one of the products of GLAMGLOW which is the SUPERMUD CLEARING TREATMENT!

GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment Tester


Just a little background information that I got from their website, GLAMGLOW was founded year 2010 by Glenn & Shannon Dellimore exclusively for backstage and professional use in Hollywood’s Entertainment, Music, Fashion & Award industries.



During the event, Glam Glow offered free mud mask treatment according to the skin type – the YouthMud, ThirstyMud and SuperMud. The YOUTHMUD TINGLEXFOLIATE Treatment provides gentle resurfacing exfoliation and helps to leave skin smoother, brighter, and softer resulting in immediate camera-ready glowing skin. While THIRSTYMUD HYDRATING Treatment hydrates, moisturizes, restores, replenishes and calms the skin. And the SUPERMUD CLEARING TREATMENT which was used to me is for super clear and super poreless skin.

GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment

Instruction on how to use: (according to their website)

Apply a thin layer to clean skin. Leave on for 5 – 20 minutes & remove with water. Use as a full face mask or spot treatment as often as needed.

GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment Selfie

A spot treatment was used to every bellas and testers, maybe because it was just free. Before the lady on the Glam Glow booth applied the mud mask to me she clean first and remove the makeup on my nose using wet wipe. And then, she applied a thin layer of SUPERMUD on my nose wearing a glove.

GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment Mirror Selfie

I felt so good with it due to its cooling effect and minty-fresh scent. While waiting for it to dry I took a lot of selfies while other testers were hopping around or attended the talk with a mud mask on their nose. It looks funny but it was also a fun experience!

GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment Selfie with Jennifer Bargo

selfie with my GLAMGLOW buddy – Jennifer Bargo

GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment Review

after 20 minutes

I think it’s not necessary to use a timer. When the mud masks gets dry or it became color gray it’s a signal that it can be remove. A wet wipe was also to remove the dry mud mask. Of course, I took again another selfie when it was removed.

GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment After Photo

after removing the mud mask


  • It’s kinda weird seeing black spikes coming out of your pores, but for me it means that it is working.
  • The super poreless skin feeling happened.
  • Best to use before applying makeup to give a smooth canvas face.


  • $69 is too pricey for me.


I can say that Glam Glow Super Mud Clearing Treatment is very effective. When I touched my nose I felt the smoothest feeling I have never felt before. I know it’s redundant but this is the best line I can say about this product. However, I can’t afford to buy a full size product of it.

Just for your info, I have blackheads, whiteheads and pores on my nose. It is also prone for being so oily after an hour of putting makeup. Most specially, I don’t use any skin care regimen for my nose. But now I’m thinking of starting to give attention to my nose after my SUPERMUD experience.

If you have any product recommendation that I can be use as an alternative to Glam Glow Super Mud please share it to me by leaving a comment below. Thank you!

28 thoughts on “GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment Review

  1. Abegaill Villacruz says:

    I got to try the Glamglow mud from the BDJBox event as well. 🙂 I love the mint feeling, but I think the smell’s kinda harsh for me. :/ Because of the smell, I can’t wait for it to be removes from my nose, but then I won’t be able to see the result. So I ended up enduring the smell. The mud went hard when it turned gray. SO my nose felt like stone. Haha. I liked the result on my nose though. 🙂 It’s so smooth and flawless. 🙂 But yeah, it’s so pricey. :/

  2. Ricalyn Abrahan says:

    I love minty scent. Nakakarelax talaga. Pero nung nakita ko yung price. Grabe ah? Mahal! Kalurkey! Pero oks lang yan, kasi sa review mo, mukhang effective naman sya. Kaya worth it na din. 🙂

  3. Roch says:

    I’m looking forward to also try the mask. I’m a fan of products with cooling effect. A plus is that it has a minty-fresh scent which I also like. 🙂 But yeah, it’s too expensive.

  4. Janine Daquio says:

    the supermud looks like lava! lol. wild imagination, there is. Wow for the price, I mean.. I can’t afford it too. I hope they would have a mini version of it, especially made for a frugal shopper like me :p

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