Genzel Kisses August Reader of the Month is Me!

Happy Monday everyone! You know what? I have so many pending products to make a review but I can’t start or finish one because I’m just borrowing a camera from my cousin and my cellphone with cam was borrowed by my mother. Unfortunately I can’t take a before and after photo. I think it’s incomplete for a product review if without a photo captured while using them. It’s my prayer to have my own camera for blogging.
Moving on, after winning Eyahnism’s July Reader of the Month, I’m so blessed to win also Genzel Kisses’ August ROM. Yehey! I’m having fun of reading her personal blog (mostly about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle). She’s so dedicated to blog almost everyday. Most of her friends thought she’s not sleeping anymore *laughs*. That’s why I got inspired to blog every time I think how passionate she is to share her experiences about different products that will help every girls like me.

I also adore her voice while watching her YT Channel, especially when she sings. In fact the latest news about her singing career is, she was able to buy her  own microphone that she’s wanting for a long time.
While stalking on her blog I get to know more about her. Aside from being a blogger, she is also an entrepreneur, performer, dreamer, and musician by heart. She loves to share beautiful things to everyone.
She started blogging way back in 2010 around September together with her partner in crime (lol) Kim.  They started blogging at and their blog site is but they were not able to manage the blog since their school activities consumed most of our time. Kim encouraged her to make her own personal blog here inblogspot.
Genzel started her own blog last March 27, 2012, from that day, blogging became her hobby and love it so much!
And here are the prizes I received from her as August Reader of the Month on her blog.
16 pcs – Purple Brush Set with Purple Metallic Brush Bag
I only have 5 pcs cutie makeup brush set from Nichido so of all the items this purple brush set is my favorite. But after a few days I was thinking how to use each brush. *laughs*
Keep Calm Bag Tag
Hayan BB Cream Samples
Red Apple Lipstick Sample with Lip Brush
Lancome Alber Elbaz Hypnose Show Collection Badge
If you also want to be her Reader of the Month
1.) You should be a Follower of Genzel Kisses via (FacebookBloglovin, and Networked Blogs)
Here are optional for you if you want quick updates:
Genzel Kisses Blog G+ , Instagram – @genzelkisses, Pinterest, Twitter & YouTube.
2.) Should give QUALITY comments (suggestions, opinion, thoughts etc.) on her blog, or in her other social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram, Bloglovin, etc.
That’s it! By the way thank you Gen-zel for all the goodies! I love it so much! Tulog tulog din pag may time LOL! Just kiddin!
When you’re done with Gen-zel don’t forget also to follow and like my social media accounts. Thank you! Good night everyone!

32 thoughts on “Genzel Kisses August Reader of the Month is Me!

  1. Rubie Osorio says:

    Congrats for winning the ROM at Genzel’s blog 🙂 I must say I envy you and I know a lot of GK readers were envy with you because you got the set of brushes we girls are all dreaming of to have.

    • Riza Acebuche says:

      You’re welcome Genzel and I really like the brushes. I followed your instructions on how to clean them. Hopefully they will dry quickly tonight so I can use them tomorrow. Thanks again sis! <3

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