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Fun-Filled and Adventurous Day at Enchanted Kingdom

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I can’t remember how many times I’ve been at Enchanted Kingdom (EK) but this time I returned with my travel buddy slash boyfriend who’s a first timer on this popular theme park.

Enchanted Kingdom

Enchanted Kingdom 2

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We pay 500 pesos each for an unlimited use of the entire park’s ride but as expected it was impossible to try them all due to large volume of people that day. Before we enter the park, the bag checker got his attention on my half full jar of pili nuts that he saw inside my bag. Since any kind of food is not allowed inside, he just told us to donate it so I gave him the permission to take it.

We have two backpacks and a shoulder bag so we have to avail a baggage fee of 60 pesos. After securing our things we get a map to have an overview of the whole park and to decide where we will go.

Enchanted Kingdom 5 - Tumbler

We also got two tumblers with Coca-Cola for free! #happiness 😀

Enchanted Kingdom 6 - Rialto

We took Dodgem (bump car), Wheel of Fate, Anchors Away, Space Shuttle, and Rialto. Though I’ve already tried some of the rides before but the feeling was the same as I’ve tried it for the first time.

Enchanted Kingdom 7

It was truly a fun-filled and adventurous day at Enchanted Kingdom!

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