FOTD Simple Everyday Makeup Look

Today is Monday and it is raining. When I learned and been addicted on wearing make-up there were no days that I forgot to put make-up on my face. It seems that I am not complete without make-up. It also lifts up my self-esteem when boys and girls give me compliments.
But when I got addicted on updating my blog, my one hour time for putting make-up was gone. I just colorized my lips using lipstick and this routine lasted for a month.
Yesterday, I fixed my eyebrows and suddenly I missed the days of wearing make-up. So this morning I gave time on perking up my face again before I go to work.

Ooops! My battery will be empty for a minute (I forgot to bring my charger) and my Sun Broadband internet will expire in an hour so I am in a hurry now posting this. So here is my FOTD hope you’ll like it!

Please forgive my pimples under my nose, I’m still finding a product to treat these. No powder, foundation or cream that was used on my face cause I feel I will attract more dirts. I tend to use heavy make-up at night time only.


What I used?
old eyeliner (Brand name faded already)
CMX Cosmetics Eyeshadow Quad (Café Au Lait)
CMX Cosmetics Blush-on Duo (Blushing Belle)
I don’t know how to call this, can you help me?

36 thoughts on “FOTD Simple Everyday Makeup Look

  1. Rochkirstin Santos says:

    You should make a video of the process for viewers to appreciate the tutorial. Nevertheless, good testimony on the products’ use.

  2. cheerful says:

    i love to learn how to used make-ups, hehehe, but I love how you did yours…simple but nice! you look great. 🙂

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