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First Romwe Fashion and Beauty Haul

 I was supposed to go out today but suddenly my previous boss didn’t reply to my text. However, I don’t feel mad or annoyed, cause waking up early today makes me feel so energize. Instead, I want to use this energy I have right now to post about my first Romwe haul. Well, these past few I feel so lazy because of monthly period (girl problem). Everything still works together for good right?

My First Romwe Fashion and Beauty Haul

Today, I want to show you what I got from Romwe. I ordered 4 items from them last April 17. Honestly, I find it hard to decide on what I should buy because all their products especially the clothes, looks so good and fashionable.  One thing I don’t like with them was the shipping service. These 4 items are separated into 3 parcels which cost me to pay a total of P150.00 (P50/parcel) instead of paying of P50.00 at the Postal Office.

So let’s start first with the fashion haul.

First Romwe Buttoned V-Neck Green Shirt

Romwe Buttoned V-Neck Green Shirt | $17.99

This is made of Polyester soft-touch fabric. I’m now more comfortable to wear thin clothes or chiffons because of the hot weather here I the Philippines.

First Romwe Water Drop Pendant Earrings

Romwe Water Drop Pendant Earrings | $6.99

I really like wearing earrings designed with diamonds! <3

First Romwe Earrings

Colorful Diamante Pendant Earrings | $5.99 (right)

However, I was so shocked that these earrings are so huge. I didn’t read well the details about the size. This is 7.5 cm long so I will just add this on my next giveaway since I’m not a fan of huge earrings.

Lastly, the only beauty item on my first Romwe haul is…

First Romwe 10 Pair Natural False Eyelashes

10 Pair Natural False Eyelashes | $8.99

I’m not yet feel comfortable of wearing falsies and I tend to scratch my eyes always. Nevertheless, it really makes my eyes more attractive when I first tried to use falsies. So for the second time I want to try it again.

These are all he products I got for my first Romwe fashion and beauty haul. I hope you like these too! Oh by the way I ordered again last month and I’m expecting to receive it before or after my birthday. Well, I ordered it as a birthday gift to myself. For now, I want to keep it secret if what it is and I will update you once I got it. 🙂

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20 thoughts on “First Romwe Fashion and Beauty Haul

  1. fallenrhainnes says:

    I like your choice of color for the blouse, cause green is my favorite color..hehe. and for the earrings just pass it on to me, if you don’t like to use it, hehe..I find it cool though.

  2. Aegeane Brioso says:

    The earrings are soo pretty! It looks very gorgeous and a queen-like thingy! 🙂 The button-down is fashionable to wear, uso yang ganyan today 🙂 Love it!

  3. Eileen says:

    Nice earrings. Very colorful and attractive. Honestly, earrings are the only kind of jewelry I spend on. In my younger years, I had my ears pierced several times (I have 7 ear piercings in total). I usually wear loop earrings on them but now I am older, I just go for studs or pearls.

  4. Rhea Juaton says:

    love the green color of the blouse.. looks very comfortable and nice sa eyes. 🙂 did you already wore it? would love to see it hehe. and oh you got those fab earrings and eyelashes. I really love colorful earrings 🙂 Nice haul! I hope they’ll improve on their shipping service right? hehe

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