First Domain Name Decision Making

One of the biggest tests I see in every individual fight is his decision making. There’s this flaming need within us to abstain from committing an error regarding the matter of picking one over the other. They key is to know when a decision truly matters. I, too, have had a lot of restless nights over the “yes or no and this or that” of life. Choosing the right domain name is one of the most crucial decision making a blogger can encounter.

If you’re going to read back in my first few months of blogging, you will discover that I frequently changed my blog name and some of my post about how I was so undecided of what to choose was also deleted. I think, I already had 5 different blog names created (the last one was The Imperishable Beauty). But today I’m glad to announce that I already have my own registered domain name. Yehey!

In my one year (active) experience as a blogger I never thought that I need to buy my own domain name. Until I realized that there were many opportunities escaped on my hands because I only have a free domain name under blogspot. Because of that, step by step I planned and made a decision to buy my own domain.

Of course, for a beginner like me it’s not too easy to take a step without knowing where you gonna go. When struggling with a decision, reaching out to mentors and trusted advisors will help a lot. Having a solid, success-oriented group of trusted advisors like a group of expert bloggers Ask Pinoy Bloggers, just one question away will makes your decision making about blogging will be much easier.

So I started asking my blogging friends on how to and how much to acquire a domain name. Fortunately, they were a lot of them helped and guided me with these steps. My previous blog name The Imperishable is a little bit long, so there were 2 weeks of research happened before I finally came up with my short and unique blog URL Oh, bythe way Riza is obviously my first name and noia is a suffix word which means mind. To sum up it all, is a personal blog about my thoughts on fashion and beauty. Well, I hope you understand my point *laughs*.

Well not everything is good. The bad side of acquiring a new domain is that my social share counts were all back to zero. πŸ™ Aside from that, I also need to update all of my social accounts. Ginustoko to eh. So I need to boost up again my blogging activities the way I did before.

What can you say about my own domain name? I hope you like it. I won’t promise that I will blog daily starting from now. But as soon as I came back to blogging as a full time, promise kakaririn ko na.

And before I end this post, I want to share this quote with you,

β€œMoney likes speed and good things come to those who harness the power of decision making. Anything is possible. Everything is waiting for you.” – Joy Chudacoff

64 thoughts on “First Domain Name Decision Making

  1. ♣ lily ♣ says:

    Congrats for the new domain po! I too had a hard time choosing a name for my blog before. Anhirap noh? Hehe. Don’t worry, as long as people support your blog, your social shares will go back. πŸ˜‰

    Goodluck! πŸ™‚

  2. petroleumjelly says:

    the name is cool! because it has your real name on it and that itself tells us that this blog will focus on your sharings:) im so glad you ahve your domain already sis. i can still feel the same excitement when i first had mine:)

  3. Monnel Espiritu says:

    Hi Riza, it took me three months to set up my wordpress blogs. My main website crashed three times. I have to bootstrap a 15k investment for the all of these blogs. I have no technical knowledge in web development and I had to configure htmls and embed other stuff on may pages. I didn’t know what I was doing but I still I continued. With all the hardships, I am fulfilled seeing my three months of labor live online. If I didn’t do it, I don’t think I would have a sound sleep every night knowing that I am letting a dream slip from my hands. When I was young boy, I had always dreamt of having my own thing online and it has come to life. πŸ™‚ What I’m trying to say here is, risks are always ubiquitous in man’s life. The truth is, it doesn’t matter at all. We will never live this life fully unless we take the risks. Here are my stories, should you like to read it:

    • Riza Acebuche says:

      Hi Mon! By the way thanks again for answering my question awhile ago. I will definitely read your story to know more about how you’re doing online. I’m so excited to know more about you’re success in blogging.

  4. Raine Pal says:

    Hahahaha..same what happened to me last year when I got my personal domain name. So hard to think what is the right name after .com

    But nice domain name you have here.

  5. Jonas Labagala says:

    Congratulations on your new blog domain name! Weehee! Saya no! hehe!

    Anyway, it is a bit hard for me to choose a domain name and it includes brainstorming and sorting out what’s cool and not.

    Happy Blogging! πŸ˜€

  6. Wanderer Juan says:

    Congrats on finally getting your own domain name! Choosing one is quite a process because you have to consider branding as well.

  7. MaryJane Tauyan says:

    cool domain name sis congrats! iwas before in the same dilemma though as I am married already I still want my last name “tauyan” to be with everything. I decided it to be which hotmail suggested to me before Lol. tauyan for my last name and M for my first name. though my blog is more of which I am to Fashion & travels.

  8. ria C says:

    That’s a clever and nice name actually. It has a catch to it.

    When I was new in blogging, seeking for the right domain name was crucial and it took me weeks before I could finally decide on one. Imagine, that name you will decide to choose will be your domain name for life and it matters a lot.

    Congrats to your new domain name. I like it a lot!

  9. Marie says:

    I can totally relate when I first had my first domain. The feeling in unexplainable. I’m glad you settled with a very creative domain and blog name. Congrats po and more blogging opps to come! πŸ™‚

  10. Algene says:

    Congrats sa new domain! There are some things that you have to give up talaga when it comes to getting a domain for your site kaya nga I suggest na as soon as one starts to blog, bili na agad ng domain para hindi back to scratch πŸ˜€ Especially re: your PR.

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