Fashion of a Little Black Dress

Every girl must have a big white dress and a little black dress. You have the only occasion to wear the big white dress, your wedding dress, and this event is a wedding. Fortunately you may have a lot of little black dresses for different occasions. It may be a business lunch or meeting in the restaurant, or just for walking the street. It’s an evening or cocktail dress and often quite short. It is designed by Coco Chanel and Jean Patou in 1920s. The “little black dress” should be in every woman’s wardrobe that considered themselves successful and prosperous women, who believe it a rule of fashion. The style of the little black dress as simple, as possible. Times doesn’t influence on this fashion. The timeless style is your best friend.
In the mid of 20th black dresses were worn only for the mourning events or funerals. It was a strict rule that she broke. But as you know fashion developed and changed and now we see it at every corner of the world.

It wasn’t a well-known designer who creates this idea. It was Coco Chanel, who is responsible for this phenomenon. She changed the world of fashion. Ignoring skepticism and criticism she designed a dress, that was classic and comfortable and, at the same time, sophisticated and elegant.

The “little black dress” has marked in the history and keep for future generations. Designers have no doubt, that this trend never can’t lose its popularity, because of its convenience and style.
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22 thoughts on “Fashion of a Little Black Dress

  1. Eileen says:

    I had a little black dress that I loved. That was when I was 25 pounds lighter. Haha. I usually wear jeans and shirts (and my good old trusted running shoes). At work its always slacks, blouses and flats.

  2. Mommy Pehpot says:

    LBD or little black dress should be present in every woman’s closet. I have to admit though that I still don’t have that LBD.. I have a few black dress pero it’s not something that can live up to what LBD is all about 🙂

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