I Won Eyahnism’s July Reader of the Month – Syoss Professional Performance

I was supposed to combine all my personal purchases and my prizes in one post. But I think it will become so lengthy so I decided to make a separate post each and also to give thanks one by one. This was my first time to join Reader of the Month.
Katleya Ballada aka Eyah

If I’m not mistaken, Eyah was the first blogger who commented on my blog. She’s so friendly to do that. Then I started to read her blog and watch her on YouTube. And I also followed all of her social sites (except on IG cause I don’t have that) without asking for an exchange cause I really love the way she is. If you’re a newbie have a visit on her blog and for sure you will learn a lot too.

My favorite posts on her blog are “My 25 Pesos Secret for Pimple Marks and Scars” and the second one is the tutorial about “How to do a Product Review on Blog“. From these two posts I was able to start my first product review about Mena. I also love to read and see her different makeup look.

Since I love reading Eyah’s blog “Eyahnism” I decided to career and get the crown as her July Reader of the Month (ROM). In one month of visiting her blog my knowledge as a beauty blogger increases and I used to love her more. I wish I were a boy *char* but seriously she’s so pretty and lovely.
And after a month, finally, I got the crown! *Waving hand like a Ms. Philippine winner*
Here are my prizes.
Syoss Moisture Intensive Care Shampoo
Syoss Moisture Intensive Care Conditioner
Syoss Hair Color Medium Brown
Syoss Shine and Hold Wax
These hair products from Syoss were also the reason why I was very eager to win. I still had my long hair that moment and I thought these products would greatly help and give life to my dying hair *laughs* and I also want to try to dye my hair for a change. I will make a review about this soon.
By the way she has on going ROM for September, go check it out girls! I’m sure you will enjoy reading her blog too.
Thanks again Eyah! Stay pretty and lovely! <3

55 thoughts on “I Won Eyahnism’s July Reader of the Month – Syoss Professional Performance

  1. ♣ lily ♣ says:

    I’ve been to her blog a couple of times I think and I agree that she’s pretty. 🙂 The new template of her blog looks really cute too!

    Anyway, congrats for winning sis! It’s the first time I’ve read about Syoss so I’m curious! I want to dye my hair too!

  2. Saranghae Korea says:

    You deserve it!!! You read her blog sincerely and you are not there just for the prize. You already got your prize when you gained knowledge from her blog and the prize above is just a bonus.. Congratulations!!!

  3. yannie says:

    Congrats sis. BTW, you look matured in your photo above, but still pretty.I visited Eyah’s blog, now it make me wonder if I have a “K” to do beauty blog. haha…

  4. Eyah Ballada says:


    Grabeeee naman ang post.. muntik na ko mag collapse sa chair ko sa kilig :)) hihi! I still remember your first post 🙂 It was in tagalog? tama ba ako? 🙂

    Thank you so mucccccchh.. These days. medyo busy ako magblog nainlove kasi ako ng very very light.. Now I was pump up again! Thank you!!

    And yes the mena is my holy grail I swear.. prang more than 100 na ata naconsume ko na ganyan 🙂 hihih

    And I am so sorry that the package was delayed.. Ang hirap kasi maspot yung place ko, then walang doorbell at 4th floor ako tapos ayaw tanggapin ng LBC kasi daw liquid #excuses.

    Again thank you for reading my blog!

  5. Lainy says:

    Congrats Riza! That is very well deserved! You’ll indeed got so hooked reading about he interesting personalities of the bloggers behind the blogs. Way to go!!!

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