Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Mauvey Review

Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Mauvey Review

Maybe most of you have already read other’s review about Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Mauvey. Back when I was just exploring the world of makeup this lipstick caught my attention the most. I’ve seen this lipstick for the first time from The Countess Anna on YouTube. It looks so good on her lips so I decided to buy it. The following photos of the product were taken last year using my cellphone camera, so please forgive me if it’s not so clear.

Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Mauvey Review Packaging


Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Mauvey

Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Mauvey | P 155.00

Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Mauvey Review


  • Very Affordable for P 155.00
  • Very accessible to buy and available in all Watsons.
  • It gives your lips a natural lip color.
  • Perfect for morena skin.


  • After few hours it makes my lips dry or chapped.
  • If used plainly without lip balm or other lip color it will give a pale look.


  • Label on the tube fades.
  • The small cover with a thin product easily detaches.


  • Use a lip liner and for a defined application.
  • Use a lip balm before or after the application or a lip gloss.
  • Pair this lipstick with smokey eye makeup look.


Maybe, after 3 years.


For the price and quality of the lipstick – 3 / 5.


This is available at all Ever Bilena counter in Watsons, other leading drugstores, and in beauty section of SM Department Store.

Ever Bilena Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/everbilenacosmetics

16 thoughts on “Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Mauvey Review

  1. Roselle says:

    I like watching Anna’s videos and I wish she would go back to filming again. I haven’t tried lippies with nude shades but since this one is matte, I might give it a try. I want to pull off a good barely there make-up look. 🙂

  2. rona says:

    Hi there!

    I so love makeups too! And recently like u, I discovered that lipstick is really good to wear especially when it compliments the color of your face. Before kasi lipstick is the one that I dont want to wear, coz red or pink doesnt suit my face. So i went to the mall and saw this beautiful makeup agent there, ang ganda ng color ng lips nya. She’s just like me na morena lang. So I personally asked what brand and color was she wearing. She wasn’t wearing a lipstick. It was only a lip liner in nude color and then just mixed it up with a pinkish lip shiner. Amazing! coz it looked good on me too when she tried it on me. Kaya I bought it karakaraka! Hahaha.

    That’s a good choice you have there. It suits you well. Matry nga din ever billena next time.

    Hopping here for the first time thru COMEX!

    • Rizanoia says:

      Hi Rona! First of all thanks for liking me. I haven’t tried yet a nude lip liner but I think it will match on this Mauvey lipstick of Ever Bilena.

  3. Aegeane Brioso says:

    As a college student, I am really a fan of EB products, kasi afford ng budget and not bad ang quality 🙂 I love the color of this lippie, very natural sa lips. Ang blooming tuloy tingnan, at blooming ka talaga. <3 WOndering what's your skin routine, ang kinis mo.. <3 Love it Ms. Riza. 🙂 Make up tutorial naman jan! Hihi. :))

    • Rizanoia says:

      EB is really affordable. Tinamad nga ko now sa skin care routine ko eh kaya nagsisilabasan na naman ang mga pimples ko. Hehe try ko minsan gumawa ng makeup tutorial. Thanks for the suggestion! 🙂

  4. Rhea Juaton says:

    I like matte lipsticks.. but you really need to moisturize your lips first para hindi mag dry.. like lip balms 🙂 This EB matte lipstick suits you.. pretty <3 would love to see more lipstick reviews ^_^

  5. Eileen says:

    Too late for me to start learning how to use make up, I guess. I just want you to know that the color looks good on you. Its not too loud, it looks really natural.

  6. papaleng says:

    I also use Ever Bilena lipstick.. ay, rewind- rewind.. Just kidding ..But you gave an honest review of the said product. I’ll tell my wife to go look for this product. Why? kasi I love to kiss a lip with lip gloss on it. Madulas ang feeling. Whah

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