Dress for a Winter Formal Event

You can look forward to being the talk of the ball this year at your winter formal event.  It’s time to pull out that fancy dress, accessories and wow the crowds!  Trends come and go so quickly & you worry about things like — Will the latest style match my body type?  But have no fear, after reading these tips & trends, you’ll be a step ahead of the girls.
Color Trends
Leave the little black dress at home ladies.  This winter’s darker color are navy blue or gray.  You will also find many men wearing their suits in these color – so don’t forget to coordinate with your date if you have one!  Accent colors being matched with navy and gray include darker purples or burgundy red.
Want to really pop? Looking for that bright color trend? Girls, pink is hotter than ever and the brighter the better. Add glitz and glam to that pink with silver or even gold accents.
Interested in Girly Glam, but not ready for hot pink? Try Lace! Lace overlays are a hot new trend and you can get away with this fun style in most any color. Some dress trends include simple lace accents, but a dress of lace from top to bottom will really turn heads.
Shape & Style
If you have a pear or hour glass shape, have no fear!  This year’s biggest trend will flatter your body more than any other.  A short party dress, with a higher-to-mid waist line and voluminous bottom will steal the crowd.  The full dress will help hide any extra boom, while showing off and lengthening your legs.  This style is also great for shorter girls because it will make your legs appear longer.  The higher the waist, the longer your leg will seem.  If you have a shorter waist, you may want to look for a higher mid-waist or curved-waist dress so your waist doesn’t disappear into your lengthy legs!


Need some help up top?  The heart shaped princess top is a must-have this season!  The shape will help create the appearance of cleavage while still keeping the girls under control.  One sleeve tops are also hitting the trends high and are very flattering on most every shape, while giving a classic elegant touch.  For more bust girls, go with a halter top.  A beaded halter top will give you both the support you need, while making your top look proportionate and flattering with the rest of your body.
For slender girls looking to add more shape, try a more fitted dress.  That may sound backwards, but a dress that’s cut to fit your body will accentuate the curves you do have – this is the same reason a girl looking to reduce her curves should not wear a fitted dress.  A fuller figure wants to use the dress to draw her own lines.  Other things that can help you create more shape include a glamour belt or dominate waist line on the dress.  A dress using more than one color can also create shape; make sure the brighter or lightest color is in the area you want to appear larger.
Accessory Trends
Maybe you have your dress all ready to go, but need to know how to doll it up?  The number one fun accessory trend is tights!  Yep, I said it — tights!  No, not those nude panty hose your mom used to wear.  I’m talking black lace or even colors!  Black lace seems to be the most formal trend and goes with everything this season.  Solid colors are also fun – just make sure you get a second opinion.  You don’t need to necessarily match, but it needs to “go” with it.
Leave your shawls and scarves at home, the latest trend to cover your shoulders is a blazer!  Yes, that’s what I said.  Here’s how to wear it… If you’re wearing a high waist dress or something with volume below, make sure it’s a cropped blazer that fits close.  If your dress is more fitted, opt for a longer and more loose blazer.
Peeping toes are now a no-no this winter, save those for the spring.  Get daring at winter formal with closed toe shoes like a pair of ankle boots or closed toe studded heels. When matching your purse, go for a small clutch.  No need to carry around a big boho bag.  All you need it to fit is your cell phone, lip gloss and a mini mirror.
Top off your winter formal wear with a trendy head piece that brings together the whole outfit.  If your dress is more casual and loose, go for a hippie headband or something vintage. If your dress is more formal or flashy, to it off with sequins or something feathered.
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  1. Eileen says:

    Beautiful dresses! I am not a dress-wearing person however, I do admire ladies who can carry themselves very well in flowing dresses and high heels. Thanks for sharing. My daughter and my niece would go absolutely nuts for these!

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