My Current Favorite Moisturizers

Hello there! I was confused this morning if I will go home or not. But in the end, I just decided to stay here in the boarding house and washed my clothes. On the blogging side, I was supposed to do another  topic but I decided to talk more about moisturizers. And you know what? This is the step of my skin care routine that I really love doing nowadays.

Top 3 Moisturizers - Pond's Dewy Rose Gel, Petroleum Jelly, Victoria's Secret Love My Body Amazing All Over Body Lotion
I have combination skin type and as we all know this kind of skin is prone of having oily t-zone. There were days that I feel so lazy doing my skin care routine and it leads me to bad result such as acne and dry skin. That’s why I’m doing my best not to be lazy and regularly apply a moisturizer all over my body. So take a look of my current favorite moisturizers.

Pond's Dewy Rose Gel
1. Pond’s Dewy Rose Gel – Maybe you already know how in love I am with this product. I love using this before going bed or during the day when I don’t feel like to wear makeup but only this.

Petroleum Jelly

2. Petroleum Jelly – When I started working in an air-conditioned room my lips became so dry. It came to a point that I experienced painful sore cracked lips. Then someone reminded me to use this Petroleum Jelly. Though I still experience dry lips but it’s not as severe as before.

Victoria's Secret Love My Body Amazing All Over Body Lotion

3. Victoria’s Secret Love My Body Amazing All Over Body Lotion – This is my cousin’s lotion but I’m also using this because we are sharing the same room here in the boarding house. Unlike other lotion, there is no need to reapply this lotion during the day. One application is enough to keep my skin soft and smooth the whole day.

No matter what type of skin we have we should not skip the step on our skin care routine which is moisturizing.

Now’s your turn! What are your current favorite moisturizers?

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