Ms. Clicky – My USB Optical Mouse + Mouse Pad (Combo)

I can bear not to use a mouse when outside our house. But when inside our house and usually in front of my laptop all day; playing, chatting, surfing and working online without a mouse isn’t so easy. My old mouse doesn’t work well anymore so I looked for a new one last Thursday night at SM City Dasmarinas. It’s not in my budget to buy a mouse so basically I just looked for a cheaper one instead. However, I’m still planning to buy a good quality mouse that will last longer.

I’m not so happy with the design of pink mouse that I saw so I picked up a mouse that is not pink but still look so girly and lovely.

My “Ms. Clicky
USB Optical Mouse + Mouse Pad Combo – P120.00

I believe that most of Filipinos know where is the CD-R King stall near in their place so they are easily accessible. Below are the details of these USB Optical Mouse + Mouse Pad Combo (written at the back of the case):

USB Optical Mouse Features:

  • High-precision
  • 3-button design
  • Scroll wheel acts as third button
  • USB Interface
  • Ergonomic design
  • Button-life up to 1 million clicks
  • Works with Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/8

Mouse Pad Features:
  • Optimized for optical grade sensors, but works equally well for high-end laser sensors
  • Non-skid base keeps the pad in place
  • Ultra smooth glide for unprecedented speed
Honestly, I’m not so happy when I picked it. I just bought it due to lack of time cause the mall will close in a few minutes that time. Until I used it and saw it’s beautiful and lovely red light that is coming out when you touch it. It looks like a lady bug that shines at night right? The not so happy feeling turned into so happy feeling that moment. I can say that I bought a good mouse that I can use permanently.
I treat this new mouse as my blogging buddy and so I named her “Ms. Clicky“. I am recommending this very affordable item to those girls who are on a tight budget but still wants to have a chic and lovely mouse with a mouse pad that has the same design.
I know Ms. Clicky will not stay for a long time so if you have other store suggestion where I can find the same as this design please let me know.

62 thoughts on “Ms. Clicky – My USB Optical Mouse + Mouse Pad (Combo)

  1. Saranghae Korea says:

    You know what I am thinking about this mouse and mouse pad? It’s a camouflage. I could hardly see the mouse especially when the red light is turned on. Awesome item you got in here huh. I am sure you will enjoy using it.

  2. joy | chemist2writer says:

    Although I’ve given up on CDR-king a long time ago, I must admit those products look so cute 🙂 I like the mousepad 🙂 I might pop in at the local store here to check one out 🙂

    joy | chemist2writer

  3. Rochkirstin Santos says:

    Cute design for a reasonable price. My optical wireless mouse is now double-clicking and I hate it. I have read tutorials on how to fit the issue but I find the steps hassle pa. I might just buy a new one.

  4. Algene says:

    I’m not fond of using optical mouse. Most of the time kasi, I do my tasks using my laptop and ipad. I guess you can try looking at DigiBabe for a cute mouse.

  5. Shie says:

    Although stuffs coming from CDR King could only last for a short time still it’s fun to shop there and find affordable, usable and cute gadgets like that mouse you bought.

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