My Gold's Gym Experience

My Gold’s Gym Experience

Through a gift certificate I received from a sponsor, I had a chance to step inside Gold's Gym and try their facility and equipment for 2 days. After a personnel acknowledged my gift certificate, I went inside their comfort room to change my clothes and left my things inside the locker. I don't have my [...]

Skin Palace

Skin Palace Review

Being too busy at work makes us physically stress, that stress causes acne and acne triggers more stress, so it's a very vicious cycle. On a medical explanation, when you are under pressure, your skin produces stress hormones that stimulate your oil glands to produce more oils. So, what causes acne? Mainly the overproduction of [...]


Our Holiday on Milky Way Tea!

Last holiday, an ex-workmate slash blogger friend Eyah asked me to have our lunch in a mall near us. It was super unplanned so I rushed taking a bath because we have to meet after an hour. And to make the story short, we satisfied our hungry tummy. Because I am not really familiar around [...]

WD My Cloud Review

WD My Cloud Review

Aside from coffee, personal laptop and camera, a blogger like me also needs a storage device to save our files. However, there are some instances that a 16 GB USB or 1 TB external hard drive isn't enough for your needed capacity. So I got excited when I heard that WD My Cloud was officially launched here [...]

My Top 3 Favorite Whitening Lotions

My Top 3 Favorite Whitening Lotions

One of my favorite part in my morning and night routine is applying lotion over my body. This is one of my inexpensive ways to pamper myself cause it provides a relaxing feeling. It also helps me to overcome my shyness, from being an ugly duckling skin turned into naturally beautiful skin. So here are [...]