Glorietta Haul for Only 100 Pesos Each

Glorietta Haul for Only 100 Pesos Each

Did you experience that you need to accomplish something important but you end up doing another thing? Last Sunday, I went to Glorietta Makati to replace my mom's blocked sim card. However, there was no Smart kiosk available inside Glorietta even on other nearest malls. So instead of going back home without any accomplishment that day, [...]

What's in My Bag Featured Image

What’s in My Bag?

One of the random things about me that I’ve mentioned before is that I would rather choose large tote bag than any other small shoulder bag… but not now anymore. After a day of shopping (or just walking) with my large tote bag on my shoulder, I experienced pain and redness on my shoulder. That’s [...]

What's In My Wallet

What’s in My Wallet?

After reading What’s in My Wallet? of I was inspired to create my own version as well. Before, I was just using a coin purse and a foldable wallet. My problem with coin purse is that my ID’s are cluttering inside my bag. On the other hand, the foldable wallet easily breaks when it [...]

Bridal Beauty Style

Bridal Beauty Style

This coming December, another friend of mine will tie his knot to a lovely woman. I will be a part of their special day as a bridesmaid. Woo hoo! I'm so excited! Aside from a bridesmaid to be, I am also looking forward to work as a bridal makeup artist someday. So here are my top 3 bridal gowns I choosed from [...]

Ber Month Giveaway Banner

Ber Month Giveaway!

Good day to everyone! Everybody knows that the Ber Month was already started. Here in the Philippines we are celebrating Christmas as soon as ber month started. So before Christmas comes we are giving away advance gifts to our lovely blog readers! It's Ber Month Giveaway! And you know what? I am also celebrating the 2nd [...]