BYS Blush Trio

BYS Coral Me In Blush Trio Swatches and Neutral Charm Eyeshadow Giveaway!

When it comes in picking a lipstick or blush on I prefer the coral or peachy shade. This is one of my tried and tested colors that really match my dark/tan skin tone. I also love wearing my coral clothes and sandals di nga lang halata.


BYS Coral Me In Blush Trio | Php 400.00

Last summer sale at SM Dasmarinas I bought some beauty products that I really want to try. Suddenly, BYS stall caught my attention. I looked and tested their palettes, lipsticks and blush on. Of all their products BYS Coral Me In Blush Trio catches my attention really well. It has a bronzer type of shade as well as orangey color that I really really love!

BYS Blush Trio Coral Me In

Compared to my other blush on which is bulky this BYS Coral Me In Blush Trio is really sleek in size.

BYS Blush Trio

The three shades has no name so for the sake of this swatches I will name them as tangerine orange (left), bronze (middle) and pinkish coral (right). Notice the pinkish coral shade has a weird fading color of pink and yellow. So I browsed on other reviews and I found out that this is not supposed to be the right color. Maybe this was exposed under sunlight, light or anything that made the color changed.

Coral Me In Swatch

pinkish coral (leftt), bronze (middle) and tangerine orange (right)

For my first swatch I used my three middle fingers and slightly slide it on the three blushes. Obviously, the bronze like shade is shimmery among the three.

Coral Me In Swatches

For my second swatch on my forearm, the tangerine orange shade looks more subtle than the pinkish coral shade. The middle shade appears to look like a bronze. The pinkish coral shade is the most intensely pigmented one.

The colors in this blush trio can either be used as one shade or mixed them to create your desired shade. Please note that my skin tone is dark/tan so for those with lighter skin tone these three shades might be more obvious on your cheeks. So to avoid a clown like cheeks, it’s better to dip your brush slightly then tap and put it on your cheeks until you get the desired amount.

If you will still remember I asked through my Facebook Page if what do you like for my next giveaway – a colorful or a neutral one? All of my blog followers responded that they like more the neutral eyeshadow. So aside from BYS Coral Me In Blush Trio, I also bought BYS Neutral Charm Eyeshadow to giveaway!

BYS Eyeshadow

The same as other mechanics just follow the mandatory instructions below to make your entry. This giveaway is open for Philippine based readers only and will end on May 31, 2014.

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Hope you will join this giveaway and let me know what’s your thought about BYS Coral Me In Blush Trio! 🙂

45 thoughts on “BYS Coral Me In Blush Trio Swatches and Neutral Charm Eyeshadow Giveaway!

  1. Roselle says:

    The tangerine shade is perfect for this summer. In fact, I like the shades though I don’t know when I can use the bronze one if ever I have the same blushes.

  2. Cat Quiambao says:

    the BYS blush trios look like the Sleek blush by 3 palettes… i actually touched and swatched the BYS blushes at their counters and they’re really pigmented and they feel very velvety…

  3. Yna Bronozo (@yns023) says:

    It’s a perfect palette for my skin tone, I could alternately use it depends on the mood I’m in hahaha!

  4. maria kristina punla says:

    I love the orange shades, seems to be perfect in all type of occasions, whether day to day use or for a party.

  5. maria allysa p. buenconsejo says:

    i have daughters who loves to try new colors and brands of make-up, and i wanna let them try your make-up giveaway, they’ve got nice color combinations.

  6. JENNY C. DIANO says:

    i think the BYS blush trios is very refreshing color perfect for fair complexion! nice giveaway :0

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