Bing Castro’s First Meet and Greet

Hi! How are you today? Me? Always groggy day and night. It seems that everyday I become more interested about blogging. From one to two cups of coffee before I am now consuming three cups a day. Even though my coffee intake increases I feel that it doesn’t make my body boost and awake anymore. I think I really need to sleep 8 hours to regain my strength and to do my daytime activity without being groggy. Maybe I really need to start taking vitamins now to protect my body from being sick in the future. Cause if we forgot to take care of our health we cannot think and do well on our activities right? Oooops! Sorry for this long introduction, lets now move on the main topic of this post.

As what I’ve said on my previous post I was blessed to attend a beauty bloggers event at Bing Castro’s Meet and Greet. When Ms. Bing posted a status that she was looking for sponsors for her event I hurried up sending a message thru email. I asked her if she’s interested to be sponsored by us PhytoPharma Inc. – a company with an edge that offers the very best in nutrition and opportunity to Filipinos and the world. Gladly she included us on her sponsor’s list. The loot bag below was prepared by my boss Mrs. Lisa Agar the owner of PhytoPharma Cavite.
Before the day of her event she had a 20 Days/ 20 Winners game. On the first 4 days I didn’t join because the game’s rules were too difficult for me. But on the fifth day of the game I tried to join because I can really relate myself to the task given.

The rule was to post a story of our worst injury or accident on the Facebook page of Glory of New York Philippines. The prizes were GNY Heal Cream and GNY Anti-Stretch Mark worth over Php3,000! So I make it sure to finish the task before midnight on that day. I also posted my story here on my blog, entitled “How I Got A Head Scar”. This was really my worst accident in my life and I’m praying that nothing will follow.

From time to time I always check Makeup by Bing Castro’s Facebook page for the announcement of the winner. Surprisingly I got it! I jumped and shouted from my working chair expressing myself how happy I was that moment.

Honestly I really prepared myself on this. I had my new haircut, had my manicure and pedicure and fitted my outfit before the day of the event. The hassle thing was I had to commute with 5 bags (3 from our company’s sponsored prizes, 1 for Ms. Bing and 1 for my things) from Cavite to Mandaluyong on my lovely chic outfit that day. So for those who received prizes from PhytoPharma be thankful to me haha just kidding!
As a new blogger I really enjoy when I had the opportunity to meet other bloggers in person for the first time. I can not stress to you enough how happy I was to meet and develop relationships with other ladies in the blogosphere!
I just recently knew Ms. Bing from her winning entries of makeup looks from different beauty bloggers’ contest. Then I start to like her for being awesome, pretty and such a happy person from watching her YouTube channel The Project Awesome.

As the event started I got to know her more and amazed from her approachable attitude towards other.

She shared with us her knowledge about how to take care our skin. I was greatly shocked for the things I didn’t know about skin care. She also showed us a makeup demo.
All ladies were very eager to win awesome prizes. I’m a new follower so I got stocked on my chair cause I can’t answer the questions about her. But if there will be another event I’ll make it sure I know already every detail about her even her genealogy. Haha!
At this event I was able to meet and socialize with awesome and pretty ladies Trina Anne of and Jessica Recto of Pictured below are just a few of the lovely ladies I met with the prizes we won.
I think Gladys Grace “Dee” received all the prizes from all of the sponsors.
Me with Eyz Abanilla of another winner of PhytoPharma loot bag.
Me, Jinky Teneza and Lovely.
And these are the prizes I received from winning the Day 5 game.
Glory of New York Anti Stretch Mark which will I give to my work mate Lovely since she’s pregnant and she will need this more in exchange of her BB cream she won on the “bring me” game.
I also received a giveaway from BC Fragrance
inspired by Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty.
Thanks to all of the awesome sponsors for the awesome prizes! Thank you Ms. Bing for this unforgettable day. Hope to see you again pretty ladies!
Don’t forget what Ms. Bing is always saying…
“Stay awesome and accomplish your mission!”

And also don’t forget to vote her on
You Make It Beautiful Blogger Challenge thanks!


46 thoughts on “Bing Castro’s First Meet and Greet

  1. Bing Castro says:

    Such an honest and awesome blog post! Thank you so much for blogging about one of my best days and thanks to you for referring to me to your company, PhytoPharma. I really appreciate everything, Riza! I can’t thank you enough and medyo nahiya ako sa biyahe from Cavite to Mandaluyong! Haha! I can just feel what you felt since I know how hard it is to commute from Cavite! Anyway, thank you so much again and I am looking forward to seeing you again and I hope this wouldn’t be the last time that I’d get to interact with PhytoPharma. God bless your good heart. 🙂 Thanks to Lovely, too! Enjoy your goodies! I am loving my PhytoPharma goodies din! Haha! 🙂

  2. Patricia Tan says:

    I couldn;t agree more to your 1st paragraph I think I need to drink vitamins too! annyhow don’t drink too much caffeine it’s not good. 🙂 you’re lucky to meet her. Siya pala sumali sa avon. She’s great! I happened to bumped her blog the other day! 🙂

  3. GilCamporazo says:

    I find it interesting and challenging to cover any event and have it posted in my blog, whether I receive a freebie or a loot. For me, it doesn’t matter. Hope other blogger won’t misunderstand or misconstrue that receive a loot in any kind is a form of begging.

  4. Algene May C. says:

    What I love about being a blogger is not receiving online opportunities but having a chance to meet different persons who share the same interests with me. May your love and passion for blogging grow even more! 🙂

  5. nova hedges says:

    that’s great, wish i can join those kind of blogger event here, unfortunately i might just read and stay home for now…thanks for sharing on how to take care of your skin.

  6. nadine says:

    i was supposed to attend my first event today, however it was moved. Despite the fact i’ve been blogging for about 5 years now I’m not really active. But yeah it’d be really great to meet up with everyone in the blogosphere!!I’ve met a few friends already but just once, someday I hope to participate in events too 🙂 Yay you for your prize!!!

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