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Belle de Jour Power Planner 2016

Year 2015 was a year of victory for me. Because finally, I learned to let go of the things that isn’t helping me to fly high. Other than that, I got a regular job on one of the leading online store here in the Philippines. This job developed my skills and changed me personally. The super shy-type girl I was before is now a girl that knows how to open her mouth and start the conversation with other people. I also met new friends and not so good friends. And lastly, I met the guy who always make me happy and feel so treasured – my boyfriend, Bryan. <3

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New Year means new plans and goals. And to help us to target and achieve these two, it is recommended to list down what’s on our mind on a special notebook or a planner. This 2016, I’m happy to have my third Belle de Jour Power Planner that I received from my super-duper sweet boyfriend. So hello my love! I know you’re reading this even I told you not to read my blog. But again, thank you so much for showing me your support through this planner. I will really use this and write every important things and moments in my life (especially our date char!). :*

Compared to my first two BDJ Planner (2014 and 2015) which on a hard bound cover, I preferred now to have the leather cover with a printed quote saying, “Be brave, love deeply, shine brighter!” Reading this quotation is so inspiring and helpful on facing new challenges that will come into my life.

Take a look of some of the pages inside Belle de Jour Power Planner 2016.

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Looking back on my past goals and see what I achieved and what’s not are both fulfilling. It is helping me to strive more on this year. See my 2015 Goals here.

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This planner is in time management layout to help get things done better.

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stickers and coupons

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What’s your favorite version of Belle de Jour Power Planner?

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