Belle De Jour Power Planner 2014 Review #BDJ2014

I know I’m kinda too late posting a review about my 2014 Belle De Jour Power Planner. As a teacher and a freelance Social Media Manager at the same time, I find it really hard to give time on my blogging duties. Kung pwede nga lang walang tulugan ang peg ginawa ko na haha! Anyways, there is only one more week with my school duties and I can be alive as before with my blog. Yahoo!



Even I’m too late, I believe this is still a perfect time to write a review with my 3 months of experience with the BDJ Planner. I learned and experienced so many things while using it such as the advantages and disadvantages.

It was last year that I discovered about Belle De Jour through reading different beauty blogs residing here in the Philippines. I also want to try the BDJ Box but I’m not sure if I will able to be consistent with the monthly subscription. It’s something I don’t want to miss out if I will start to subscribe, so I’m still undecided about it till’ now.

Then last December I noticed that most of my beauty blogger friends were giving away this Belle De Jour Power Planner. I think I have no luck that time about winning the planner so I decided to purchase my own since I really like the design of the front cover.

Instead of paying the Php 598, I added Php 100 (total of Php 698) and purchased the customized one with a name on the cover. It’s just so exactly that the maximum characters allowed are 8 for my blog’s name “Rizanoia”! I felt that I was such a lucky girl! Haha!

2014 BDJ Planner

Customized Name – “Rizanoia”

After transaction, I was supposed to receive the planner by January 16, 2014 but I was shocked that I received a Pantene Kit which I didn’t ask for or subscribed. At first, I thought the kit was really for me until I realized that the tracking number for my planner and on the Pantene Kit were the same. There was a mistake happened and I was really worried to the fact that my planner was been sent to other person. It was my first time problem encountered with the Xend’s shipping service.

I don’t know who really made a mistake between BDJ and Xend. But after waiting for one more week, I was so happy to return back the Pantene Kit (pero sayang din) and finally received my first customized 2014 Belle De Jour Power Planner! Cheers!

2014 BDJ Planner


The moment I hold and saw my planner I noticed first some slight scratches on the front and back cover. I also checked the pages if there was someone else already wrote on it and so happy to find no signs of writing. Then I checked if the sticker and card was still on the back — and yes, it’s complete! Even there were some light scratch it didn’t bothered me too much, what more important to me was the completeness and pages were still neat and clean.



So much for my shipping experience, let’s go on now with the review of Belle De Jour Power Planner itself. Honestly, I don’t really want a planner that is thick. It adds the weight of my bag since I always bring my netbook most of the time and I ended up not to bring my planner anymore. But even this is somehow thick; I’m still happy and energetic to bring this all the time wherever I go because of its pretty design! I’m so really in love with this planner, to the fact that I don’t want to write anything on it and I just want to browse and browse its pages with full of interesting and inspirational messages.

This planner has three parts – Special Pages, Monthly Tools and Weekly Layout Features.


2014 BDJ Planner

This kind of planner really suits on every blogger.

It has some short tips how to be a top blogger.

2014 BDJ Planner

Coupon Tracker is what I love most. I already used the Mister Donut and 3 Parisian coupons. However, most of the coupons requires a minimum purchase (which is kinda heavy to my budget) before you can use the discount. Another disadvantages is that most of the brands are available only at Alabang and Manila.

2014 BDJ Planner

Dream Board – a visual board wherein you can put photos that you want to happen or get in the future

2014 BDJ Planner

It’s summer! So don’t forget to jot down all your plans in this Vacation Planner to have fun and relaxing moment!

2014 BDJ Planner

Random Thoughts you love, dreaming of, currently thinking, you’re willing to do, learned and you want to dare.

2014 BDJ Planner

I really don’t know what to do first and where to go this 2014, with this Goals Page it helps me what I want.

2014 BDJ Planner

Be a conqueror and reward yourself #choosetoshine

2014 BDJ Checklist

Are you bored? Looking for something to do? This 2014 Checklist will give you meaningful tasks to do.

2014 BDJ Planner

2014 BDJ Planner

Tapestry Page where your blessings can be shared through different advocacy challenges. 

2014 BDJ Planner

Is there someone who helped you want to say thank you through gift? or an upcoming birthday of your relative that you should give a gift? Gift List/Tracker will help you to budget your money.

2014 BDJ Planner

You won’t miss out important events in your life with Events Tracker!

2014 BDJ Planner

To save money is one my goals this year, so Bills and Cash Flow Tracker please help me. LOL!

2014 BDJ Planner

Even though I’m a Registered Nurse, I still forget about my taking good care of my own health. So this Health Plan is my life saver from amnesia LOL! 

2014 BDJ Planner

Menstrual Tracker is really useful to me as a woman.

MONTHLY TOOLS – this is where I write a lot, a short view of my monthly important things to do

2014 BDJ Planner 

Freedom Page

Important Events this Month

This Month’s List of

My Good Habit

WEEKLY LAYOUT FEATURES – aside from Monthly Tools this is also I write a lot of things. This is where I take note something that is so important such as requirements to bring in an appointment, summarize of articles about beauty and many more.

2014 BDJ Planner

My Masterpiece

Weekly Affirmations

Professional Priorities

Major goals I will move forward this week

Personal Errands

This Week’s List of

This Week I’m grateful for

Personal Lists

Most Important Tasks


My Final Say

Hopefully, they can put more coupons that you can avail anywhere. If you reside in Alabang and Manila this planner is really recommended for you. If you will gonna use 30 or more coupons you already get what you pay for to buy this planner. Plus, you can also avail a 10% discount or even free new Belle De Jour Planner for the next year.

I will surely buy again next year. Hoping that there will be no more problem will happen again about the shipment. If you want to purchase too, please do visit their sites below.

For customized planner, you can email

14 thoughts on “Belle De Jour Power Planner 2014 Review #BDJ2014

  1. nova hedges says:

    Very nice planner, and i can see so many things you can organized in just one book that way it will track down all the things you want to do without missing a single thing.

  2. Ria C says:

    I wanted to have some of those BDJ series for myself and daughter. I inquired from them and so shocked to know that I will only pay a 1/8th of the amount I would have paid for shipping from Manila to Dubai. 🙁 Sigh… That’s really a pretty journal. Actually, all of their journals are pretty and I like them all 🙂

  3. Algene says:

    I am currently using that planner! It’s so pretty and functional. I love using it because it makes me feel that I’m a certified Bella lol 🙂

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