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Thank You BeautyBook for the Free Loot Bag!

BeautyBook is the modern Filipina’s beauty guide. Few months ago, I received a Facebook notification from a friend that tagged me on a photo encouraging to be part of the first 1000 who will receive a free loot bag from them. I read positive feedbacks from their followers saying “thank you” for sending them the free loot bag. So I tried it on myself.

The mechanics was so easy, I just registered at, liked their page, tagged some friends and share the photo. Then a few days later I received an email from them saying “congratulations” and I’m a part of the first 1000 who will receive the free loot bag. Yehey! So I quickly replied to them with my shipping address.

After a month I haven’t receive my expected loot bag from BeautyBook so I emailed them but my message just bounced back to me. I browsed their Facebook Page and read some of the followers’ message to them asking for the loot bag. From this, I didn’t expect anymore to receive the gift pack.

After waiting for so long, finally I received the BeautyBook’s free loot bag. Yehey! So here are the items…


makeup bag

BeautyBook makeup bag


Nichido Make Up Collection

This is my first ever eyeshadow palette when I was starting to use makeup.

lip balm

Watsons Moisturizing Lip Balm Juicy Apple

Although lip balm is really essential for me but it took so long before my old lip balm will go empty so I might include this on my giveaway list.


Ponds Translucent Pinkish White Glow

keratin smooth

Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner (sample size)

I just got disappointed with this item. It has a small opening on the lower left corner that makes the product goes out and make the bag so messy. Nevertheless, I’m still so thankful for sending me this loot bag for free.

I’m not sure if they are still giving away a free lot bag, but you may visit and register on their website for more info.

32 thoughts on “Thank You BeautyBook for the Free Loot Bag!

  1. Lainy says:

    Glad you’re finally able to get a hold of that free bag after a long time of waiting. It’s always nice to receive vanity items like these especially when it does not cost you a single cent.

  2. Eileen says:

    Where do you find stuff like that? I wish I knew where to join to get product samples to review. I hope you had fun with the stuff you got. They do seem nice and of good quality.

  3. Bjorn says:

    Nice bag.

    I know males are not supposed to have that. However, I do.

    I have my own version of vanity bag or vanity kit sans the cosmetics. And I carry that bag with me inside my bigger bag wherever I go outside my abode.

  4. Aiko Borja says:

    waaa buti pa po yung sayo dumating na .. yung akin wala pa 🙁 im excited to try and play with the eye shadow palette. hoping dumating na den agad yung ganyan ko.

    • Rizanoia says:

      I haven’t tried to use the shampoo and conditioner. But I know it smells so good, cause when I received it the sachet has already whole in the corner and the product scattered inside the bag.

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