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Last August 3, 2013 I was blessed to attend the Meet and Greet of Bing Castro (beauty blogger). While waiting for the event to start, everyone was trying their best to know each other. I’ve been hearing them side by side talking a lot about different makeup products. I can’t totally relate to them at all so I just tend to listen and try to learn something new from them.

It was last year that I started to get more into makeup. That was also the time I was busy preparing for Nursing Licensure Exam. Everytime I went back home from my review class I still gave time to browse the internet to have a practice questions related to nursing. But when I start to get stubborn reviewing again and again, I just stop for awhile and open a new tab to watch about hair and makeup tutorials on YouTube. Until unknowingly I spent 2 hours on that and then forgot about my future career. My nursing review turned into product reviews watching. At least I still review! Haha!

After watching all the tutorials that night I’m trying to apply to myself all the recommendations of different Beauty Gurus. I find makeup fun and very necessary, something I have to do on a daily basis. I can’t go outside without a makeup and can’t even sleep without it. Because I was a newbie that time I wasn’t aware too that it is not good to sleep with makeup.

The more people give compliments to me the more I urge to learn more about makeup. And did you know that after I passed the NLE I thought of changing my profession? I said to myself that I can now pursue what I really want to be. And that was I thought I’m not meant to be a nurse, I meant to be a make-up artist. That’s how I’ve been addicted to it!

But I found it hard as I enter the world of blogging about fashion and beauty. I feel I’m so far with other girls with a lot of high-end beauty products. I can’t do with what they are doing. They are so lucky to buy tons of beauty products and make a haul, reviews every now and then.
By the way most of my makeup came from my cousin. She just wore it for their OJT. And when she graduated I asked her to donate her make-up to me since she’s not needing it anymore. Beside what I got from my cousin I also bought other makeup products that are not really expensive. It takes an hour of decision making, going back and forth to the makeup counter before I really got decided to buy that product. In addition, I also got other beauty products from giveaways that I won.

As of now, I’m contented with what I have for as long as it’s not empty and not on its expiration date. I want to consume them first before buying another one. Oh! By the way this post should be about the meet and greet event. But it looks like it’s not. My expressions and thoughts just overflow!

One of the major reasons I can’t do the same as others is because I’m just earning a minimum wage salary. Half of my cute monthly earning goes to paying our bills (water and electricity) . Of course I also buy things for myself but not always. I would rather buy a new dress, shoes and sandals, I think it’s a must rather than make-up. Aside from air, water, and food, clothing is one of the physiological needs according to Maslow. Physiological needs are thought to be the most important; they should be met first. If these requirements are not met, the human body cannot function properly, and will ultimately fail.

I’m not against other girls who buy beauty products every now and then. Considering that the money we spend must be worth spending on and not just for the sake of being “in” with what is on the trend. I also understand that some girls purchase beauty products for earning purposes. So since I can’t buy high-end products, I was thinking of a beauty on a budget blog. I think this would suit much better on my personality and my status in life as well. I want to help others to be beautiful inexpensively.

32 thoughts on “Be Beautiful Inexpensively

  1. Jo-an Victorio says:

    I agree, we can be beautiful inexpensively ! Compliments give confidence ♥ Ako rin, I wanted to do my Bachelors degree before pero parang ngayon, I love to be a makeup artist. Siguro nga dahil yun ang hilig ko. I am not after to my bachelor degree now, gusto ko na kumuha ng makeup courses.

    Thanks for sharing !

    from Loving it!♥

  2. Betchai says:

    I love your idea, to beautify ourselves inexpensively, I do not wear make up since I have not watched you tube tutorials, haha! I simply wear moisturizer, powder and a outch of lipstick, that’s enough for me, though I love looking at other women who put their make up so really beautifully, you know, like a no make-up make-up 🙂

  3. chubskulit says:

    I am out of place when it comes to make up and other beauty products. I don’t even know how to apply make up but I do admire those who does.

  4. Yannie says:

    That`s a great idea. I also watch makeup tuts on Youtube and it honestly frustrates me when I find out that they were using expensive products. You know as much as possible you want to use the products they were using to achieve there looks.

  5. Tingting Rimart says:

    I use light make-up when I go out of the house, especially at work. Makeup helps in making me presentable. 🙂

  6. lencilicious says:

    I love to wear make-up since college days actually. I use any kind of make-up as long it is registered or tested well. As there are fake ones that can be bought somewhere, we need to be careful what to put on our faces.

  7. a-an alfafara says:

    It’s really interesting to learn the art of putting on makeup, we just need to be careful of the brands we use to avoid skin irritation

  8. Jo-an Victorio says:

    I agree, we can be beautiful inexpensively ! Compliments give confidence Ako rin, I wanted to do my Bachelors degree before pero parang ngayon, I love to be a makeup artist. Siguro nga dahil yun ang hilig ko. I am not after to my bachelor degree now, gusto ko na kumuha ng makeup courses. Thanks for sharing !

    Jo-An from Loving it!♥

  9. MaryJane Tauyan says:

    nice post sis! i love browsing and watching guru’s on youtube as well and get inspired with thier tutorials. I love buying make up as well infact i have tons of lippies and make up pallette but never use. i am super noob about make up dont know anything abou tthem but i do love to learn

  10. Aegeane Brioso says:

    Honestly, I am not confident going outside without make up. I have no perfect skin and I have eye bags and some tiny bumps on my face which lose me confidence to expose myself. But I really agree that we can be beautiful inexpensively.. There are naturl ways and remedy, and most important, smile and have confidence talaga. There are tutorials and inspirations na make up artist (like you Ms. Pretty Riza) Hihi. Thank you for sharing this post. <3

    • Rizanoia says:

      Ako din ganyan dati hindi makalabas ng bahay ng walang makeup. But when I see girls that is pretty in their simple look (just powder and lipstick) I thought na pwede naman pala. At minsan yung mga taong nakakakita sayo sanay na makita ka na maganda wearing makeup then kapag walang makeup naninibago sila. Kaya mas maganda pa rin talaga yung natural na ganda lang. 🙂

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