BDJ Fair 2014 Experience Stage

My BDJ Fair 2014 Live It Up Experience!

After I experienced the fun-filled BDJ Social Camp Gorgeous I had a reason to attend another BDJ event. This year, the BDJ Fair is entitled: Live It Up! Dance to the Beat of Your Dreams! BDJ Fair 2014 was held at SM Mall of Asia, Music Hall last Sunday, October 19. Like what happened last BDJ Social, I pre-registered and also joined to Ms. Yette of just to make sure I won’t miss attending this event because I believe I won’t regret attending again inspiring talks, trying out different booths, activities and workshops from the BDJ Team.

After few days of waiting I won a VIP pass (thanks Yette!) and I was also chosen to join the BDJ Scavenger Hunt. However, I arrived 10 minutes late at the venue so I wasn’t able to participate. Few minutes later I saw my friend Eyz Abanilla which was supposed to be a participant too of Scavenger Hunt. We were both late but we were also early to hop around different booths.

Booths Visited

BDJ Fair 2014 Experience Benefit Toss Lemons

Benefit – Tossed lemons

We visited first the Benefit booth and played the lemon toss. I missed out shooting the first and second lemon but fortunately, I was able to shoot in the 3 lemons left and won a sample of their product.

BDJ Fair 2014 Experience Roxy

With Eyz my buddy on this event.

BDJ Fair 2014 Experience Roxy Design Your Own Loot Bag

Roxy – Designing our own loot bag

BDJ Fair 2014 Experience Ace Water Spa Pachinko Game

Ace Water Spa – Played the pachinko game

BDJ Fair 2014 Experience SM Parisian Find Your Perfect Pair

SM Parisian – Finding our perfect pair

Ms. Jean trying out what prize she will get on list randomizer.

BDJ Fair 2014 Experience TGIF

TGIF – Unwind and enjoyed free mocktails

BDJ Fair 2014 Experience Fitness First

Fitness First

Search for Dermclinic Bella 2014

My selfie entry for the Search for Dermclinic Bella 2014

BDJ Fair 2014 Experience Dermclinic Dedication Wall

Dermclinic Dedication Wall

BDJ Fair 2014 Experience Sharpie

BDJ Fair 2014 Experience Sharpie Commitment Wall

Sharpie – Commitment Wall

BDJ Fair 2014 Experience Photo Wall

Happiness in me during this event continually brings more happiness.

VIP Access

BDJ Fair 2014 Experience Zipline

Letting my dreams soar! Zipline Ride with GSK

BDJ Fair 2014 Experience Wall Climbing

“Together we have power over cervical cancer.” Pushing beyond our limits with Wall Climbing.

Credits to Ms. Abegaill

This was my first time and unforgettable experience at zipline ride and wall climbing.


BDJ Fair 2014 Experience Mister Donut Pachinko Game

Played the pachinko game with Mister Donut

BDJ Fair 2014 Experience Subic Grand Seas

Tried the lucky door game with Subic Grand Seas

Talks Attended

BDJ Fair 2014 Experience Stage

stage setup

BDJ Fair 2014 Experience From Grit to Great with Jonathan Yabut

From Grit to Great with the first Apprentice Asia winner Jonathan Yabut

BDJ Fair 2014 Experience The Fullness of Life with Andi manzano-Reyes for GSK

The Fullness of Life with Radio DJ/Host Andi Manzano-Reyes for GSK

Bellas I Met

BDJ Fair 2014 Experience with Jean Quiambao

Aside from Eyz, I also met again my fellow blogger Ms. Jean of

BDJ Fair 2014 Experience with Abegaill Villacruz My September Reader of the Month

And my September Reader of the Month Ms. Abegaill Villacruz wherein I gave her prizes. Thank you so much for (doing us a favor) taking pictures while we were on wall climbing!

BDJ Fair 2014 Live It Up was another fun-filled  and adventurous event for me. I am looking forward to attend again BDJ events this coming 2015!


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20 thoughts on “My BDJ Fair 2014 Live It Up Experience!

  1. Abegaill Villacruz says:

    I super enjoyed this event. I met new people including you and got to try different activities in different booths. I learned a lot from the talks as well. This is my first BDJ Fair event and I really didn’t regret attending this. Will surely attend future BDJ events. 🙂 So happy to be a Bella. SUper nice meeting you sis! 🙂

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