BDJ Box Beauty Social Cover Girl

My BDJ Box Beauty Social Camp Gorgeous Experience!

It’s been a week when the BDJ Box Beauty Social Camp Gorgeous happened. It was raining so hard the night before that made me to think if I will push through attending the event. But rain or shine I still felt the excitement of every BDJ bellas!

BDJ Box Beauty Social with Yettezkie's Doodles and Genzel Kisses

Yette of Yettezkie Doodle, Genzel of Genzel Kisses and me

These two are my favorite bloggers! Before, I’m just reading their blogs and watch them on YouTube. I also won as one of their Reader/Commenter of the Month last year. But finally on September 14, I was able to meet them in person. Thanks to BDJ Box for making this happen! Nice meeting both of you Yette and Genzel!


BDJ Box Beauty Social Revlon

Revlon offered free hair color application for BDJ Bellas!

BDJ Box Beauty Social Max Factor

Max Factor Next Junior Makeup Artist challenge.

BDJ Box Beauty Social Heroine Make

#BeYourOwnHeroine like Princess Elizabeth Himeko at Heroine Make booth

BDJ Box Beauty Social Cover Girl

Yukii, me and Jhessica at Cover Girl booth

BDJ Box Beauty Social Cover Girl Pose

Striking my Cover Girl pose (captured using my phone).

BDJ Box Beauty Social Kalm Cosmetics

Kalm Cosmetics booth

BDJ Box Beauty Social with Ana Victorino

Meet and greet plus free makeover with Ana and Shebby. Ana is so pretty and lovely right? (*blushing* girl here)

BDJ Box Beauty Social Piandre


BDJ Box Beauty Social Too Cool For School

Too Cool For School – knowing about the latest about Korean cosmetic craze.

BDJ Box Beauty Social Loreal Paris

Loreal Paris together with their skin care machine and giving a quick makeover.

BDJ Box Beauty Social Benefit Cosmetics


BDJ Box Beauty Social Glam Glow

Thanks Glam Glow for the amazing mud mask experience!

BDJ Box Beauty Social PAC

Sis Yukii having her Go pro makeover at PAC with their senior Makeup Artist.

BDJ Box Beauty Social Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher


Get a Beauty Boost with Benefit Cosmetics

Get a Beauty Boost with Benefit Cosmetics

I learned a lot about how to quickly change everyday makeup into that a bombshell with Miakka Lim of Benefit Cosmetics.

Be Blemish-Free For Life with Women's Health

Be Blemish-Free For Life with Women’s Health

This is the last talk I attended. Ms. Larissa Joson of Women’s Health Beauty Editor gave tips on how to prevent and get rid of skin problems for good.

Special thanks to Genzel for giving me a chance to attend BDJ Box Beauty Social. This very first time BDJ event I attended didn’t fail me. I really enjoy this day and looking forward to attend the upcoming events again!

I will be posting the gift I received from Genzel, loot bag from BDJ and their partners on my monthly haul post. See you again bellas! 🙂

33 thoughts on “My BDJ Box Beauty Social Camp Gorgeous Experience!

  1. Lorie Nocasa says:

    Hi Ms Riza,
    We were on the same event/talk. Yay!
    Its my 1st time to experience BDJ event too super fun pala. Kaya lang I didn’t get the chance to experience the free make up kasi I’m with my makulit na 3-year old son. At least my sister enjoy the free make up. Okay na din.

  2. Abegaill Villacruz says:

    It was my firt BDJBox beauty social event Ms. Riza! I saw you a lot of times during the event but I’m so shy to approach you. Haha. True, it was raining hard and super windy but I was still excited for that day. Fortunately, my excitement paid off. The event was really really fun, and the talks are informative. I had my makeover from Miss Shebby and I super like it. She’s so pretty face to face, literally. Haha. I’m so happy with what I got from the loot bag as well. 😀

    • Rizanoia says:

      Yep Ms. Shebby is so pretty! Shy nga ba or do I look mataray? Hehe minsan kasi yung iba kaya di ako maapproach agad kasi muka daw ako mataray. But in your case sana hindi naman hehe. I hope to see you on next event Abegaill! 🙂

  3. Vanessa Ally says:

    Wow, Revlon, Max factor, Cover girl, these are all gorgeous legendary brands that produce the most quality beauty products. You were lucky to have the chance and be present at such an event!

  4. eliz frank says:

    This looks like a very information and fun event. Your make up was glowing and I’m curious to hear what we must do to be blemish free forever!

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