Barkada Chicken Inasal Review

Barkada Chicken Inasal Review

When I start working, I always treat myself by eating some of my favorite foods. I also love trying out different restaurant but I haven’t tried yet blogging about it even I planned to. Then last month, I was given an opportunity to be included on Blogger’s Lunch at Barkada Chicken Inasal Pasay City. This event opened the way to start blogging my other love (aside from fashion and beauty) which is “eating”.

Barkada Chicken Inasal Review

I came late at the place because I got lost. So before you go to unfamiliar place make sure to visualize it first on google map.

Barkada Chicken Inasal Signage

Photo by Genzel Kisses

If you are a commuter you can go here by riding in tricycle and you will see the restaurant beside the road.

Barkada Chicken Inasal Set Up

Barkada Chicken Inasal Table Setting

The tables were set up for 2 to 4 persons or they can rearrange it to accomodate group of persons or what we called “barkada” in Filipino language.


BCI Review Chicken Inasal Pecho

Photo by Genzel Kisses

Chicken Inasal Pecho | P 115.00

Of course, I guess this restaurant won’t be named “Inasal” without a chicken on their menu. This chicken inasal pecho taste so good and I liked that it wasn’t over roasted.

Barkada Chicken Inasal Review Liempo

Liempo | P 98.00

Barkada Chicken Inasal Review Pakbet

Photo by Genzel Kisses

Pakbet | P 80.00

Barkada Chicken Inasal Review Lumpiang Shanghai

Lumpiang Shanghai | P 75.00

Barkada Chicken Inasal Review Crispy Pata

Photo by Genzel Kisses

Crispy Pata | P 320.00

Barkada Chicken Inasal Review Kare-Kare

Photo by Genzel Kisses

Kare-Kare | P165.00

Barkada Chicken Inasal Review Soy Chicken

Photo by Genzel Kisses

Soy Chicken (Whole) | P 250.00


Barkada Chicken Inasal Review Buko Pandan

Buko Pandan | P 20.00

The presentation of this buko pandan was new for me. I love the taste of the cream on the top. I can’t believe that this is only for 20 pesos! 🙂

Barkada Chicken Inasal Review Leche Flan

Leche Flan | P 30.00

Barkada Chicken Inasal Review Mais Con Yelo

Photo by Genzel Kisses

Mais Con Yelo | P 35.00

Barkada Chicken Inasal Review Iced Tea

Iced Tea | P 20.00


Barkada Chicken Inasal Review Garlic Rice

Garlic Rice | P 17.00 each


  • Foods are so delicious and affordable.
  • The food presentation was neat and clean.
  • The food was served properly and accordingly.
  • The food was cooked very well.
  • The staffs were approachable when I asked something.


Barkada Chicken Inasal

3270-D, Armstrong Avenue, Merville Access Road

1300 Pasay City, Philippines

Open 10:00am – 10:00pm

(02) 776 7026


Photo Credits: Genzel Kisses

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  1. Abegaill Villacruz says:

    Wow, it looks yummy talaga. And super affordable pa but my problem is the location. It’s super far from our place. :/ I hope they would open more branches. 😀

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