Wright Park Pony

Baguio City: Cool Summer Experience

Summer days is time to relax and time to have fun experience through vacation trip. So where do most of the people go every vacation? If you’re living outside the Philippines and have already tried traveling in other country maybe you already visited our top most visited place. What is that? It’s no other than the Baguio City! Baguio is known as the Summer Capital of the Philippines.

If you’re thinking to visit now Baguio City and you will just travel through public transportation (like bus) you will most likely find it hard to go there. Why? Because most of the dates you want to have a schedule were already full. Luckily, I with my cousins’ family had an early vacation experience at Baguio City last first week of March. This was my first ever cool summer experience in Baguio!

Two of my girl cousins and their mom and dad traveled first while I and my boy cousin traveled the next day. As of March 2014 the ticket going to Baguio from Pasay is worth P450.00 and increases during peak season. Though I always travel to far places I still keep on experiencing byahilo. The 10 hours travel from Cavite to Baguio was also the longest byahilo I experienced ever.

When we finally arrived there by the middle of the night the temperature was really cold! I think I was inside a big freezer hahaha! Thanks God nothing bad happened to us and we arrived safe and sound.

Wright Park Pony

After eating our breakfast at McDo, we went first to Wright Park. It was my first to see ponies in pinky hair, they are so really cute!

pink horse

And if it was my first to see a pink horse of course I am also a first timer in horseback riding.

Baguio City Cool Summer Experience

From the park circle there is a wide and high stairway going to The Mansion.

Pool of Pines

After walking across the stair, you will see this “Pool of Pines“. What I don’t like with this is, it looks so dirty. What I know is that Pool of Pines is somehow color green not color brown.

Pine Tree

okay posing-posing muna 🙂

So here was my OOTD – black jacket, ethnic print leggings, black flat shoes, and a small pink pouch bag.

Baguio Pine Tree

Hindi pa nakunteto, umakyat pa talaga! 🙂

The Mansion

With my three cousins infront of The Mansion’s gate. Guess who is the youngest among us? lol!

The Mansion

The Mansion

Swan Lake

Our next destination was in the Burnham Park. I was a bit afraid while riding in the boat. I thought, our boat will sink due to unbalance movement.

Swan Lake

Family shot before leaving the swan boat.

SM Baguio

All of us were already hungry so we went to SM and had our lunch at Gerry’s Grill. Unlike other SMs, SM City Baguio does not use an Air-conditioning System and make use of natural lighting.

Mines View Park

Our last destination was Mines View Park.

big rock


I’m so happy with my experience at Baguio City. It was totally relaxing and the environment was so cold. However, it’s sad to think that at 4 in the afternoon we have to pack up our things and go back to Cavite again. But I’m hoping to have a long week vacation on my next visit para sulit na sulit.

Have you been at Baguio City also?  What’s the coolest summer experience you ever had?

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48 thoughts on “Baguio City: Cool Summer Experience

      • papaleng says:

        First impression lasts.. You might call it. Since, the first time I’ve been to this city. ah, ang dumi ng Burham Park. as if nagkalat talaga ang basura and the water sticks. We went to the market and guess what, madugas din ang mga sellers. You need to talk in Ilocano para mas mababa ang persyo. Luckily, marunong ako. And going back to the city, kumain kami sa Jollibee and guess what, walang tubig. Very dirty ang restroom.

  1. Aegeane Brioso says:

    Baguio is really a great place to hang out this summer. 🙂 And you are so cute on your pose. Love it!

  2. Roselle says:

    I would love to go back to Baguio but not during peak season, there’s nothing much to do because the place is too crowded and you can’t enjoy your vacation.

  3. Jean says:

    I’ve been to Baguio twice pa lang. Sadly, ang tagal na nung last! I miss Baguio!!! I always make plans to go there again but, unfortunately, hindi lagi natutuloy. 🙁

  4. Ria C says:

    It’s been a while since I have set foot in Baguio. It’s nice to see your photos of that place.

    I like those cute ponies esp the ones with the pink mane. They look like those My Little Ponies. 🙂

  5. Roxi - Mr. Jacob's Mom says:

    I haven’t been to Baguio in a long, long time! Last time I was there I think I was 14 years old pa. Looks like some of the iconic places haven’t changed one bit. Hope we can visit soon with our kids!

  6. Hanniz Envato says:

    I’ve never been to the Philippines but my husband has and he said it’s a great country to visit. I love the photos of the pink ponies but I hope they’re given enough rest! (sorry! The animal lover in me can’t help it!)

  7. kat says:

    We went to Baguio last march. It was cold at night but not during the daytime. There are still a lot of places I have not visited in Baguio. I want to go back!

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