Day in the Life of Riza: Annoyed by a Text Message

I received a phone call from someone that I do not know. He didn’t speak when I accepted his call. Then he texted me saying “Hi!”, he also send me non-sense quotes and group messages. I’m really sure that I don’t know him so I asked him to stop texting me. I really don’t like to text with someone I don’t know nor having a textmate. It’s a waste of time for me, but he didn’t stop. Instead, he continue to send me 10 messages that is the same every hour. I want to change my number but I can’t. I have important contacts on my sim card which I am waiting for their messages especially that is related to a job I am applying for. I’m really begging and wishing for him to stop annoying me. And that is why I am also asking more patience from the Lord to deal with this situation…

14 thoughts on “Day in the Life of Riza: Annoyed by a Text Message

  1. littlemisshoney says:

    I know what you mean Riza… It sounds like you have a secret admirer but doesn’t know how to tell you. I wish there is a way to block text messages from people like that… Maybe there will be an app like that soon… This will definitely test your patience but don’t let it ruin your day

  2. Mrs. Kolca says:

    I remember getting a text from a random guy. He was asking me to be a textmate. I replied like, “Hijo, gusto mo ba ng textmate na matanda na at wala nang ngipin?” Haha. Never na syang nangulit after nyan. Trip trip lang minsan!! 😛

  3. razzy says:

    ignore ignore.. patience.. or sometimes i texted back, i can trace who you are and i can locate you.. eheheheh

  4. Jho Anna says:

    That’s why I dont also answer calls from unknown numbers, they usually do that to check if you’re a girl then starts texting you. Mga walang magawa.

    • Riza Acebuche says:

      Hehe minsan din din pag di nakasave number ng natawag sakin di ako nagsasalita. Kinikilala ko muna yung boses. Last time yung Xend pala natawag sakin toinks di ako nagsalita di kasi nagpakilala. LOL!

  5. Mi Chelle says:

    I agree that text messages from some u don’t know can be very annoying.There is evidence that it has specifically evolved to be as annoying and hard to ignore as possible. Sadly, you just need to ignore them and pretend they don’t exist lol

  6. Sarah Andres Estor says:

    The only thing you can do right now is ignore. Ignore them and they will eventually get bored and stop texting you. 🙂

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