Alessandra De Rossi Makeup Transformation

FOTD | Alessandra De Rossi #MakeupTransformation

Few days ago the #MakeupTransformation started to trend online. People are posting their photos showing their faces while putting makeup. In the end, their face were turned into celebrities or a famous person. And upto now I’m still having fun of seeing photos of my Facebook friends showing their own #MakeupTransformation.

Before I go to church this morning, I took photos of myself for product review purposes. When I arrived at home from our church service, my mind suddenly think to make my own version of the #TheMakeupTransformation.

Alessandra De Rossi Makeup Transformation

In this transformation I used the photo of Pinay beauty celebrity Ms. Allesandra De Rossi. Most of my friends always told me that I look like her. At first, I can’t see the similarity but today I agree with them that we have the same features (somehow).  This is not on my plan so I just used the photos I’ve taken this morning that was really intended for produuct review.

If I just planned this yesterday I will really try to imitate the hair and makeup of Ms. Alessandra De Rossi. Anyhow, if I listed this on my “things-to-do” I think I will also forgot this or will be lazy to do it lol!

Alessandra De Rossi with Bangs Makeup Transformation

I’m not satisfied or convinced enough that I really look like Alessandra De Rossi so I did a second #MakeupTransformation. She has bangs on this photo so I searched for my old photos on my Facebook account. I know that my 3 photos are really different on each other. They were taken on different days so just focus on my bangs instead  lol!

FOTD Alessandra De Rossi MakeupTransformation

Enough for the transformation, let’s face now the real me. So here’s my large view of my face for today!

FOTD Alessandra De Rossi MakeupTransformation 2

My hair is growing longer again so I’m just messing it up for a new look.

FOTD Alessandra De Rossi MakeupTransformation 3

I don’t have time anymore to use a liquid eyeliner so I just used a pencil eyeliner. The bad thing and I don’t like about pencil eyeliner is it transfers on my eyelid. Have you noticed on my photo above?

FOTD Alessandra De Rossi #MakeupTransformation

What’s on my face?

Benefit Porefessional

Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser

Benefit Big Easy

Ever Bilena Advance Two Way Cake (Golden Beige)

Avon Simply Pretty Eyebrow Defining Pencil (Brown)

ELF Beauty Must Haves 48-Piece Eyeshadow Book – Day

Ever Bilena Black Pencil Eyeliner

Fashion 21 Double Up Mascara

BYS Blush Trio (Coral Me In)

Maybelline Baby Lips Color (Tangerin Pop)

Colour Collection Lip Perfection Lipstick (Crema)

Your turn, if you will make your own #MakeupTransformation who will you be?

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  1. Aegeane Brioso says:

    I was really amazed when I first saw your photo at instagram, and I told to myself, wow. kamukha nga talaga ni Ms. Riza, achieve na achieve <3 Hihi. honestly, gusto ko din makitrend sa ganto. Kaso hindi ko alam kung sino ang kamukha ko. kaloka. haha. 😀 Pero Ms. Riza, ang ganda ganda mo talaga. Love your eye make up! Filipina beauty that really stands out <3

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