5 Ways a Pashmina Scarf Will Come in Handy

Is there such a thing as the perfect wardrobe accessory? Opinions vary here, but the scarf puts up a reasonable fight. You see, a scarf not only keeps you warm, stylish, and covered up; it is also a practical accessory to carry around and use whenever you find yourself in a fix.

But first, you’ll want to be sure you have the best assortment of scarves in your inventory.  I recommend the Pashmina, a fashion favorite. It is soft, stylish, and versatile. A true Pashmina is made of cashmere, but many just-as-soft alternatives can be found. Scarves.com’s acrylic Pashminas will remain stylish and comfortable for years. To keep your scarf collection up to date, you should own a few large and bold pieces that will go with every outfit and never let you down. Once you have the right scarves, you will find that using them along with the following suggestions will have you ready for anything that life throws your way.

Here is a list of 5 unconventional uses for a scarf that will make you never want to be caught without one.

1. A large scarf is perfect for the beach, tie one around your waist and over your shoulder like a wrap and enjoy your day in a breezy beautiful comfy.

2. Use a scarf as a flag for when you need to hail down a taxi, the bright flowing colors will help you stand out against a sea of waving hands.

3. Need a break? Fold the scarf into a fluffy pillow and rest your head against it while you ride the metro to and from your daily adventures. You could also wear it as a blanket, and drape it over your body for an extra layer of warmth.

4. If you are out shopping and run out of room to carry your finds, you can use a scarf to bundle up your packages. Tie the four ends together and fill your new tote to the brim!

5. Caught in the rain?! It’s monsooning and you’re soaked head to foot. While a scarf makes a great makeshift hood in a light drizzle, a downpour will get you soaked no matter what. That is why I recommend using the scarf as a towel, once you’re indoors use the scarf to dab off the water from your face and arms so you can continue your day without any uncomfortable dampness.

Now that you’re well informed of the many practical effects a fabulous scarf can have on your life, I know you’ll be wanting to pick up a few more, and never leave home without one! If they get dirty just wash by hand with a delicate soap and let them air dry.

I look forward to hearing about your adventures, post your own anecdotes below. What trials have you and your scarves been through?

Guest Post
Author: Lisa Loperfido

14 thoughts on “5 Ways a Pashmina Scarf Will Come in Handy

  1. Ria C says:

    I love Pashminas and I have a lot in various colors to match my outfit during the cooler months of the year. I love wrapping them as they are soft and warm.

  2. Roselle says:

    A scarf can also be used to prettify a bag by wrapping it to the handle or as an accessory to your outfit. I like that it has many uses and comes with beautiful designs. 🙂

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