43 Caring Years - My Dermclinic Experience

43 Caring Years – My Dermclinic Experience

I discovered Dermclinic when I attended BDJ Fair last October. I joined their contest for the Search of Dermclinic Bella but I wasn’t fortunate getting the crown. But still, I’m so happy knowing about them. And because of that I want to share with you my Dermclinic experience happened few weeks ago.

43 Caring Years - My Dermclinic Experience

Recently, they posted on their Facebook page about their free skin analysis service then I quickly send them a message on how to avail it. Luckily, there is Dermclinic branch near us so there is no reason to try it out.

Dermclinic SM Dasmarinas Branch

Aside from the fact that I look like a high school student I also wanted to know my skin condition. Looking in front of the mirror and stating whether you have dry, combination or oily skin is not enough. We still have to go to a dermatologist before applying any facial treatment especially if you have skin problem. That’s why I went to Dermclinic and grabbed the opportunity trying out their free skin analysis.

Dermclinic Front Desk

My Dermclinic Experience

Dermclinic Lobby

Dermclinic Pharmacy Area


Dermclinic Experience Free Skin Analysis

My Dermclinic Experience Skin Analysis

Beside their front desk is the machine they are using for free skin analysis. It is compose of a scanner and a monitor. The scanner looks like a big tympanic (ear) thermometer and an ultrasound for me. The machine was placed over my face and it showed up a large view of my pores, acnes and dark spots on the monitor.

Just last November 14-16 they celebrated 43 Caring Years Anniversary. I was so busy those days so I wasn’t able to visit their clinic. Anyways, happy 43rd anniversary Dermclinic! Knowing my skin condition for free was the most rewarding I had experienced with your clinic.

Dermclinic Products

I would like to try their products and other services too. So if you already tried some, please let me know what products or services are effective to you. 🙂


Website – http://www.dermclinic.com.ph

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/dermclinicph

Twitter – https://twitter.com/dermclinicph

Instagram – http://instagram.com/dermclinicph

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