3 Makeup Products I Hated Before But Love Now

3 Makeup Products I Hated Before But Love Now

As much as possible girls want to spend their money in worth buying makeup products. That’s why most of us are reading blogs or watching reviews first before we decide to buy those particular products.  However, the high expectation that we had was not met sometimes.  But suddenly, I’m in love using the 3 makeup products I hated before.

3 Makeup Products I Hated Before But Love Now

3 Makeup Products I Hated Before But Love Now
1. EnCara BB Cream

EnCara BB Cream

I received this for free from Bing Castro’s First Meet and Greet event. This is the first ever BB cream I’ve tried. I was expecting too much on this product but my high expectation failed on my first week of trying it. This made my face looks so white and oily at the same time.

I stopped using this for my day time makeup and I just apply it for night time event or when the weather is cold. After all, I realized that I was using a wrong foundation. Using it with a powder foundation (in natural shade) was the reason why my face looks so white.

Afterwards, I replaced my old powder foundation into a darker shade (Ever Bilena Two Way Cake in Golden Beige and Essence Mattifying Compact Powder in Soft Tan). I am also using Nichido Final Powder in So Natural on top of EnCara BB Cream with or without foundation. Nichido Final Powder really helps to mattify my face and helps my makeup last longer.

Now, Encara BB Cream is one of my daily must haves makeup. It helps to cover up some of my imperfections, even out my skin tone and lightens up my face (but not too white).

2. Shawill Hide The Blemish Concealer

Shawill Hide The Blemish Concealer

This was my first ever concealer. I hate this on my first try because it produces a white cast on my face. There was a time I over applied it and it made my face looks cakey and white as “espasol”. Because of that I also stopped using this for few months.

I thought I will never use this again but I gave it a chance to try once more. This time, I apply this under my eyes only. This really conceals my dark under eye circles and brightens my face as well. But remember apply it lightly (less is more) to avoid the cakey look.

3. Avon Simply Pretty Eyebrow Defining Pencil in Brown

Avon Simply Pretty Eyebrow Defining Pencil in Brown

I was looking for a dark brown eyebrow liner because my previous brow liner looks so dark on me. However, this Avon brow liner was lighter than my hair color.

The same as the two products above, I gave this product another one more chance. Blending it well on my brows is the key to make it look natural. This is my favorite brow liner when I’m in a hurry.

Take a look of my past FOTD if you want to see how this brow liner works on me.

It’s your turn, what makeup products you hated before but you love it now?

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