Petroleum Jelly Beauty Tips and Tricks

15 Beauty Tips and Tricks Using Petroleum Jelly

Hi everyone! You already know that Petroleum Jelly is my savior when it comes to dry lips. But later on I discovered that it can also be use in many different ways especially on our beauty routine.


Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum Jelly Beauty Tips and Tricks

Here are the 15 beauty tips and tricks using Petroleum Jelly.
1. Eyebrow gel

Apply a tiny bit into your brows to put them in place while grooming or like a regular eyebrow gel.

2. Natural mascara

Use it like a mascara and it will give you a clear and voluminous lashes.

3. Lash care

Apply a coat before you sleep, many people testifies that it really make lashes grow longer.

4. Eye makeup remover

Use a cotton swab or a wipe with Petroleum Jelly then remove your waterproof eye makeup. Just make sure to rinse it off to avoid eye irritation.

5. Exfoliator

Mix it with salt and scrub the part that you want. Or simply apply it at night and then scrub your lips in the morning using a toothbrush.

6. Lip balm

The best lip product to use if you don’t like to put a lipstick but still want to have a kissable lips!

7. Lip gloss

Apply it on top of your matte lipstick.

8. Highlighter

Apply a tiny dab on top of your cheekbones for radiant glowing skin.

9. Tame unwanted flyaway

Apply sparingly on the lower part of your hair to hide your split ends.

10. Hair dye protector

Prevent stain on your face by applying all over your hairline before dyeing your hair.

11. Nail and cuticle care

It will strengthen your easily break nails or make your cuticle stays longer.

12. Soft feet

Before bedtime, apply under your feet then wear a sock and feel the softness of your feet in the morning.

13. Healing cream

Shoe blister and sensitive ears? Heal it faster using Petroleum Jelly!

14. Moisturizer

This is the best solution in your excessive skin dryness.

15. Lasting fragrance

Apply just a little bit it on your wrist and neck then spray your favorite fragrance to make it stay longer.

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Have you tried any of these on your beauty routine? Share your Petroleum Jelly beauty tips that is not mention above.

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