10 Convincing Reasons to Start Jogging Now

10 Convincing Reasons to Start Jogging Now

I’ve mentioned before that one of my fitness goals is to have atleast once a week jogging session. And honestly, it’s not really easy to meet this goal without any motivation that will convince you do this thing. Here are 10 reasons that might convince you to start jogging now.

10 Convincing Reasons to Start Jogging Now

1. You can do it anywhere

jogging you can do it anywhere

Wear your running shoes and start your jogging routine whether on your expensive treadmill or in the park, as long as the place is safe.

2. Make new friends and get to know them more

Send a message to someone you know who loves jogging too. It’s a good way to start building a good relationship to others.

3. Save some money

dark blue and pink running shoes

There is no need for workout equipment and gym membership. All you need is running shoes to get started.

4. Healthy heart

Study shows that jogging one hour a week can reduce the risk of heart disease.

5. Have a natural glowing skin

jogging natural glowing skin

Health expert says that the sweat that comes out from our body while jogging can boost natural oils, keeping skin healthy and glowing.

6. Cross out those goals

It really feels good accomplishing one of your fitness goal.

7. Release stress

Aside from eating, jogging is one of my best stress releaser. It also helps me to prepare my body for another work week.

8. Feel the nature

According to heath news, jogging with nature is twice better than jogging in a gym. It has a positive effect when you feel depress or anxious.

9. Loose weight

Jogging on a regular basis burns out calories. In fact, I’ve witnessed some of my friends that really loose weight, from big to fit.

10. It is fun

It is a fun way to be with friends or a family member. Even you’re just alone, you will discover new things on the road that you don’t know before. You will see new places, new people, and get new ideas.

Did you find a reason now that convinces you to jog?

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